Co-Morbidities, Complications and the Orthopaedic Patient

Brought to you by ONAWA on

May 27, 2011

Event Topic

Orthopaedic complications, Osteoporosis, Plantar Fasciitis, Delirium, Wound breakdown and much more.

Event Speakers

Professor Markus Kuster (Head of Orthopaedics)
Dr Denise Glennon (Ortho Geriatric Consultant)
Dr Michael Thompson (Ortho Geriatric Consultant)
Eugenie Nicolandis (Podiatry)
Sue Field (CNC Transfusion)

Event Location

Event Highlights

The day was well attended by our members who heard from a wide variety of interesting speakers on the day including

As always the ONAWA was greatly supported at this study day by trade displays for the attendees to visit

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