On 29th May 2015 ONAWA presented our Orthopaedic Challenges Study Day

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May 29, 2015

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Event Speakers

Dr Grant Kinston
Dr Kate Stannage
Dr Denise Glennon
Sharon Pickles
Consultant Su Kitchen
Wendy Duperouzel
Vicki Carter
Trish Clarke
Andrew Langlands

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Event Highlights

This proved to be a very popular study day with 56 delegates attending. The day began with orthopaedic enthusiast Dr Grant Kinston presenting on Compartment Syndrome. One of the orthopaedic challenges if identified early can be successfully managed but catastrophic if not identified and treated immediately. The next two presenters covered both spectrums of the age continum. Paediatric Surgeon Dr Kate Stannage presenting on the mangement and the importance of early identification and referral of Hip Dysplagia and Geriatrician Dr Denise Glennon presented on Atypical femoral fractures an adverse complication from long term use of bisphosphonates used in the treatment of osteoporosis. Nurse Practitioner Sharon Pickles presented a number of case studies that looked at challenges of wound management, multiple fractures, osteomyelitis, complex patients, including behavioural issues, relatives and the ongoing demands of the organisation. Su Kitchen, Falls Clincal Nurse Consultant highlighted the challenges on falls prevention and the many strategies implemented to reduce falls and prevent patients from further injuries while an inpatient. Life Member and Nurse Educator Wendy Duperouzel presented on Surgical Implications while Vicki Carter experienced senior physiotherapist discussed the challenges in caring for bariatric patients and the importance of these patients being treated with respect and dignity. Acute Pain Service Clinical Nurse Consultant Trish Clarke provided an overview on providing adequate pain relief in the elderly and the challenges of getting a balance in ensuring pain relief without oversedating or impairing cognition in this vulnerable group of patients. The final presentation by passionate Infectious Disease Consultant Dr Andrew Langlands was stimulaing and informative and show cased the challenges of treating orthopaedic infections. The positive feedback from the evaluation forms reflected the atmosphere on what was a very informative and enjoyable day.

Thank you to all our members and visitors who attended the study day it was great to have it so well supported. A big thank you to our fabulous speakers, our loyal trade and the committee for ensuring the day was a great success.

Thank you also to Roslyn Aspinall for being our photographer for the day.

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